Make your TV work for your room and seating: TV stand or wall mount

If you’ve just moved into a new place or rearranged the furniture, your TV may not be in a spot that makes it easy to see. It may not be at the right height or it may not be at the right angle. You don’t have to strain your neck or twist your body. Instead, mount the TV on the wall or an adjustable stand.

What’s the difference between a wall mount and adjustable stand? Here’s what each looks like and a summary of the difference.

Adjustable stand

Wall mount

Adjustable standWall mount
TV can adjust in heightYes, set positionsNo
TV can swivel sideways to a better viewing angleYes (up to 30 degrees each way)Some mounts offer swivel options
Permanently attachedNoYes
Easy to connect cables to backYesDepends on the mount
Difficulty of installationSimpleComplex
Can sit on furnitureYesNo

Which option is best for you? That depends.

Adjustable stand

An adjustable stand is likely best if you want to keep your TV on the current storage unit or credenza, if the swivel needed is less than 30 degrees, or if you don’t want to make holes in the wall (or are not allowed to in rental units).

If you live in Mississauga, Oakville, or the west GTA I can install an adjustable stand for $149 + HST plus the current cost of the stand (the price can change so I only charge whatever it costs at the time). This includes removing the old stand, installing the adjustable stand, reconnecting all cables, setting it back on the furniture, and ensuring it works the way you want it to.

Want to do this yourself? No problem! Here’s the stand I recommend: Make sure you protect the screen surface when doing the work so you don’t scratch or break the screen. Follow all of the instructions so the assembly is solid and will support the TV properly. And mark and label all the cables so they get connected back the way they were before so it all works afterwards.

Wall mount

A wall mount is likely best if you want the TV up off the furniture, if you are allowed to put holes in the wall, or if your swivel needs are either minimal or extreme (if the wall will support the TV hanging far off the wall). A wall mount requires very secure attachment to the wall which may not be possible in condos or other homes built with metal stud walls.

For wall mounting there are two typical options. The first is to purchase a TV mount from a store and install it. The advantage is that you can select the one that has the features you are looking for and fits the size of TV you have. These mounts can cost from $50 for simple ones up to $400 for advanced ones.

The second option is to use a French cleat mounting system. This option does not allow any swivel or tilt and it a good choice when you simply want the TV up higher on the wall. If you haven’t heard of it before, here’s a brief video of how it works.

For wall mounting I charge $249 + HST to install a wall mount you purchase yourself (or I can purchase one that fits your TV and your needs and you pay the cost of the mount). To mount the TV to the wall using a French cleat system I charge $299 which includes the cleat system. For all wall mounts I include removal of the existing stand, mounting on the wall, reconnecting all cables, and ensuring it works the way you want it to.

If the TV connections are tight to the wall, I recommend adding two right-angle HDMI extensions so it is easy to remove or plug in cables without having to remove the TV from the wall. I can supply and install these for an extra $35 + HST.

Want to book a time for me to get your TV better positioned for you in the room? Email me at